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Metro Camera Cars is making high-end, dynamic, fluid camera movement accessible for all budgets.  We're the first compact and affordable arm-car service in the North East.


Dynamic photography, safety and innovation for east coast film and TV.

Vehicle work has long been a dangerous and unsatisfying system of exposing operators and equipment to the open road in order to get the shot.  With skilled drivers and technicians, fluid and dynamic motorized gear, and affordable access, Metro Camera Cars is increasing your production value while decreasing risk.  

For most production budgets, location space is at a premium.  Our compact vehicles and short setup times are optimized for modern production needs.  The lightweight and versatile Motocrane system can travel anywhere in the world and be mounted on almost any vehicle.


Motocrane+Ronin2+Honda Fit

MOTOCRANE - A fully motorized jib arm that can mount to any vehicle, allowing for fluid and dynamic, 360˚ camera movement while driving at speeds up to 80mph.  

REMOTE HEAD / GIMBAL - Use any gimbal of your liking or mount our Ronin 2, with one of our skilled operators at the controls. 

HONDA FIT - Our compact and agile camera car is blacked out to eliminate reflections for close car-to-car work. Upgraded suspension, brakes, and engine keep us in control for even the most demanding driving. The Motocrane and any other camera/stabilization accessories are mounted on our custom speedrail roof rack.

MONITORS - In-car monitors are available to every crew member in the cabin. Dual on-board recorders allow for quick local playback.

4k and 1080 VFX Driving Plates

5 Camera Stabilized Array in either 4k, UHD and 1080p.  Time code synced.  Log or Colored Footage.  Camera car is non-reflective and the rig heights are adjustable to match any vehicle perspective.

Tell us what you'd like to see behind your talent and we'll travel our custom rig wherever needed.  Stops and Starts, lefts and rights- choreography in the plates are no problem.

Bring us on set for VFX Plates for ultimate control over the action and texture in your shots.


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