Remote Head Operator Workshop

Don’t learn on set in trial by fire situations. Build your skills and take the next gig with confidence!

Apply your experience from the workshop to car commercial running footage, action sequences, tracking athletes at speed on foot or bike, Techno crane operating, dual op gimbal operating, drone camera operating, etc.

Cost: $1500

*includes: stunt drivers, picture cars, location fees, insurance, production assistants, and any additional equipment rentals if needed.

Dates: Weekdays only // Inquire for dates

Location: Princeton Airport, NJ *subject to change

Run of Day: Solo=3hrs // Partnered=6hrs + team lunch

  • Intro & Safety Meeting

  • In-Car Lingo and communication

  • Gimbal/Remote Control Settings

  • Training with Stunt Cars: push/pull tracking subjects, dealing with G-forces, compound moves, do-si-do’s, etc

  • Scene Simulation: Design the action, shoot the scene, take it home to cut for your reel!

Operators get a choice of wheels or joystick.

Bring your 1st AC to accompany in a solo session OR team up with another operator and get good together.

*Half sessions can be negotiated and scheduled, but full sessions will take priority. Splitting a solo session with another operator is also an option.

Trained Camera Operators:

Dan Erbeck: Local 600 // Steadicam Operator // Live TV and Robocam Op

Ryan Celecia: Local 600 // Jib Operator // Live TV and Specialty Jibs

Tom Wills SOC: Local 600 // Steadicam // Movi Pro Operator

Shannon Madden: Local 600 // Operator // Cinematographer

Calvin Falk: Non-Unon // Steadicam

For more info and booking contact Joe: // 516-428-5715