Length: 9ft (6ft without extension)

Payload: 45lbs (Gimbal + Camera Package)

Unloaded Weight: 215lbs (310lbs max build weight)


  • Aluminum, Carbon, Steel Components

  • IP54 rated connectors and modules (water resistance)

Mounting Options:

  • Speedrail from 1,1/4”-2” Hardmount

  • Suction & Ratchet Universal Mount


  • Vehicle Speed 80mph Skinny Front or Rear or 60mph+ Broadside to the wind

  • 1.0G Cornering/Acceleration Tolerance

  • 14 sec 360° Infinite Rotation with variable speed

  • Lens Heights from ~10” to ~10ft with variable speeds and adjustable limits

  • Custom Griptech adapted 3 Axis Dampening and Vibration Isolation at the “nose“

  • -30° to 120° Operating Temperatures

  • Not suited for Offroad Capability


  • Flight Cases at/under 100lbs

  • Fixes to most vehicles with suitable roof or rigging

Operators, Gimbals and Remotes

Remote Head Operator

  • Qualified DPs and Ops can run their own camera or we can provide one of our experienced remote head operators.

  • We have ICG600 and Non-Union Operators available. Bring your own 1st AC or we can hire a talented focus puller who does NOT get car sick.

  • Workshops available for “Remote Head Camera Operator Training.” Please inquire if interested.

Arm Operator

  • Metro Camera Cars hires their trained Arm Operators with no exception.

Ronin 2 (Recommended)

  • Ronin 2 Remote in Cinemilled Caddy (Single Stick) or A1 Alpha Wheels (Pan/Tilt, Roll on remote only)

  • 80mph with 30lbs Payload

Movi Pro

  • Movi Remote (Single Stick) or A1 Alpha Wheels (Pan/Tilt, Roll on remote only)

  • 55mph with 15lbs Payload

Tilta 3 Motor FIZ

  • Focus, Iris, Zoom Control

Monitor Mounts and On-board Recorder

  • Pix E7 Recorder for technical playback and front seat monitoring

  • Drivers side monitor

  • Operators 7” 2000nit daylight Monitor: remote mounted or 80/20 rack headrest mounted

  • AC/Director 7” SmallHD High Bright Monitor: 80/20 rack headrest mounted

  • Vaxis 500+ HD Wireless Video System: 1- Tx, 1- Rx

882322DE-33E6-48DF-BBBA-AEE92909CAA7 3.JPEG

Vehicles and Drivers

Custom 2015 Honda FIT Camera Car

  • Matte Black anti-reflective wrap

  • Tires options for Comfort, Sport, Snow/Dirt

  • Performance Upgrades: Brakes, Suspension, ECU, etc.

  • Custom Speedrail (1,1/4”) Roof Rack bolted to the unibody

  • Eartech Open Comm System for coordination between technicians and drivers

Seating for 3-6 total occupants

  • 4 (Recommended): Driver, Arm Op, Cam Op, AC

  • 5-6 (best at low speeds): AC or Arm Op will occupy the trunk position

  • 3 (only recommended for ENG and Live Ops that will pull their own focus)


  • Metro Camera Cars hires their trained Drivers with no exception

  • SAG Stunt Drivers and Non-Union Pro Drivers are all trained on the Arm Car

  • For Teamster Contracted Productions, a Trailer and Teamster are Required

  • For Non Teamster Productions, the Arm Car travels to set with a support vehicle