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Construction and Components

  • Heavily customized and reinforced Worksman’s Chassis

  • 1000w Silent Front Wheel Drive Electric Motor w/ 48v LiPo Batteries

  • Rear Pedal Drive

  • Rear Disc Brake and Front V-Brake

  • Cheeseplate, Mitchel Mount, 2” Tow Hitch (takes 1,1/4” rail), 1,1/4” Speedrail Sleeves

  • Padded Boat Seat for Camera Operator

Speed and Size

  • Top Speed is ~10-12mph and dependent on weight of rider, technician, and equipment

  • Perfect tracking speeds for joggers, sprinters, and wheeled transpo (bikes, skateboards, etc)

  • 47” Width allows the Trike to fit through most doorways

  • Best results on flat road or flooring (no chassis suspension)

  • Not offroad capable, but the Trike will operate on a flat hard dirt surface (performance will vary)

Steadicam Operators

  • Hardmounts to speedrail with Garfield Mount (available upon request)

  • Soft or Hard Mounts in “Chariot“ Mode for smaller operators and/or higher angles

Gimbal Operators

  • Operator can be hardmounted with Dampener Arm and run head from Joystick seated on trike or remotely

  • Operator can be soft mounted with Ready Rig, Easy Rig, etc. while seated or in “Chariot“ mode

Riders and Technicians

  • Metro can hire a Trained Rider/Tech, including Stunt Riders, for Non IATSE Productions (recommended)

  • The production must send a crew member to be trained to ride and/or tech the rig prior to shoot date if they decline a Metro hired Rider/Tech

  • For IATSE Productions Metro will hire a trained technician to assist the Dolly Grip (or other rider) in maintaining, rigging, and riding the Trike (the tech will NOT be allowed to ride the trike during takes)

  • Weight Distribution must be monitored by Tech and/or Rider to avoid tipping the rig


  • 1/4”-20 and 3/8” Monitor mounting holes on the handle bar with Gold Mount battery plate

  • Steel or Aluminum Vertical pipe for center position hardmount and custom length Aluminum pipes everywhere needed

  • Footrest for operator

  • Walter Klassen Vehicle Mount aka Garfield Mount available upon request

  • Griptech Dampener and Ronin 2 Packages available for gimbal operating and mounting

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